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  • Golf Cart Rentals

    Book on-line for 2 Hour Self Guided Tour

    GOLF CART BRIGHTr 200Cruise the City of Avalon in your own Catalina Golf Cart. This is as close to renting a car that you can get in Avalon.. We offer Golf Carts that seat up to four and six passengers. You can choose which one is best for you. You should also reserve a child seat which is required for child travel ( State law requires children under age 6 or less than 60 pounds be in a child car seat. ), at checkout, if you need one at no additional cost. (There is a limit of 1 child seat per cart) Go where you want, stop where you want and enjoy Avalon's beautiful vistas and scenery aboard your own “Catalina Limo”.

    Order On Line and pick up your cart at the “Cartopia” lot at the corner on Crescent and Pebbly Beach road see Location Map

    Drivers must be age 25 or over, and covered by their own auto insurance.
    $45 Cash deposit is required at check in for 4 Passenger Golf Cart rental and $65 Cash deposit is required at check in for 6 Passenger Golf Cart rental.  Deposits will be refunded less prorated charge for use over alloted time.

    Schedule and Pricing:
    Price includes all applicable Taxes and fees.
    Departure Times:  Latest available is 3:00 PM (Mon. - Fri.) and 4:00 PM (Sat. & Sun During the Summer)
    Availability of last rental time varies by season.  Check Booking Calender for Date & Time
    When Booking or Checking  Reservation availability you choose the date and time.

    On-Linebooking for 2 hour rentals
    Availability of 3 hr rentals varies by season.  Check Booking Calender for Date & Time
    Available at  9:00 AM, 2:00 PM, 3:00 PM,  (Mon. - Fri. )
    Also Available at (Sat. & Sun.) 4:00 PM seasonal

    Check-in at the Cartopia  office (see location map) 15 minutes prior to your reserved time.  Carts will not be held after reserved time and rental will be based on a standby basis subject to availability.

    4 and 6 Passenger Carts are Available
    Carts are Available for 2  Hour Rentals Only
     NO Daily Rentals
    Child seats are available at no additional charge
    Child seats for children who are able to sit upright only
     Infant seats are not available


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